How to deal with insufficient milk for ewe

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How to deal with insufficient milk for ewe

A lactation replacer ewe gives birth to many lambs in one pregnancy, or the ewe does not produce enough milk after delivery, or the ewe dies during lambing and leaves the lamb. At this time, the method is to use milk replacer. If the ewe dies during lambing, apply the amniotic fluid from the newborn lamb to the mouth and nose of the nanny sheep in time, and then guide the nanny sheep to lick the mucus. If the ewe with lambs after giving birth, it is found that the ewe has little milk or even cannot lactation. Finally, the ewe with the death of the postpartum lamb and sufficient milk is selected as the nanny sheep, or the single lamb but the ewe with high lactation performance is selected as the nanny. Nanny sheep, when using this method, it is often necessary to artificially fix the ewe and let the lamb milk. After many trainings, it can be successful.

Feed the lambs that are breastfeeding or artificial breastfeeding in advance in time. Start feeding as soon as possible. Feed the grass after 10 days of age. The grass will be tied up in the air so that the lambs can eat freely; start feeding after 20 days; 40~ After 50 days, add feed to reduce milk, use special lamb feed, pay special attention to the energy, protein nutritional level and completeness of the diet when mixing. The best digestible protein in the diet is 16%-20%, and the total digestible nutrients 74% is appropriate, generally ad libitum.

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