HENAN DANONG AGRICULTURAL S&T CO., LTD is focusing on the ecological farm operation system, integrates agricultural resources and promoting the agricultural revolution. It is a technology-based enterprise that provides comprehensive farm farming technology and comprehensive services on a global scale.

HENAN DANONG AGRICULTURAL S&T CO., LTD is located in the "Chinese agricultural Silicon Valley” modern agricultural research and development base of Henan province, China. Its predecessor is Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd. HENAN DANONG AGRICULTURAL S&T CO., LTD has the following three branch companies:HK Danong Group Ltd,Henan Great Farm S&T Co.,Ltd and Danong Agriculture Nigeria Ltd. After eight years of accumulation, the company has established a professional ecological farm operation system - farm survey → planning and design → equipment supplies → technical guidance → farm operation hosting services.

Ecological farm is a sustainable agricultural development model advocated by DANONG. From the farm survey and design,we begin to follow the comprehensive, efficient, diverse, natural and sustainable principles, combine husbandry and planting perfectly. The animal excrement and waste produced by breeding are made into organic fertilizers through organic fertilizer equipment and applied to the soil, thereby protecting and improving the ecological environment, preventing and controlling pollution, maintaining farm ecological balance, improving the safety of agricultural products and the stability and Persistent of the ecosystem.