Cattle manure treatment

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One problem that most cattle farms face is the handling of cow manure. There is so much cow dung produced every year, and random discharge will pollute the environment and be easily picketed. The accumulation takes up space, so let’s learn how to turn waste into treasure and let these cow dung bring additional benefits to everyone.

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1. Biogas digester fermentation

Biogas digesters have been widely popularized at present, and the cost of building a digester is also very low, which can be done with a few thousand yuan. After the construction is completed, everyone only needs to transport the cow dung to the biogas tank. The produced biogas can be used in daily life. The sedimented biogas residue is also a high-quality natural organic fertilizer, which can be used to grow grass or some vegetables. for cattle. The two can generally form a small cycle, saving a part of the expenditure on cattle feed.

2. Make farmyard manure

Cow dung has been one of the high-quality fertilizer options in rural areas since ancient times, and large cattle farms can collect cow dung and use it as farmyard manure. And the nutrient group of cow dung itself is very unique, it contains many nutrients needed by crops, and it has high-quality fertilizer effect in planting. Secondly, cow dung also has a very prominent place in nourishing the land. For some relatively dry land, if the cow dung is used for a long time, its permeability can be improved to a certain extent.

3. Processing organic fertilizer

Processing into organic fertilizer is a project that has only emerged in recent years. The reason for its emergence is that many cattle farmers have accumulated cow dung, while in some places there is an urgent shortage of manure, both of which are inconvenient to transport due to the inconvenience of cow dung. The relationship between the two can not achieve complementarity, so there is a way of processing cow dung organic fertilizer. After the cow dung is treated, some germs and pathogens have been eliminated, leaving high-quality fertilizer, and then mixed with some other items to remove water from the cow dung. All good, farmers can consider this issue.

4. Species of Agaricus bisporus

The last is the simplest way. Agaricus bisporus is a very thin and popular fungus. Due to the particularity of its growth environment, the yield is less. But its nutrition and taste are very good, and the market response is very good. The bisporus bisporus farming needs cow dung. After the cow dung is air-dried for a period of time, the bisporus bisporus can be grown with a little processing, and the output will be very considerable. Friends who raise cattle can consider this direction more.

The above are some ways to deal with cow dung. I hope you will no longer worry about how to deal with cow dung after reading this.

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