How to build a cowshed in a cost-effective way

2022-02-16 10:36:57 dy

Before the construction of the cowshed, the ground treatment is to lay a layer of fine sand below, and then use red bricks on the top. After the cow trough and railings are built, the construction of the cowshed begins. The cowshed is connected by steel pipes and is constructed in the form of a greenhouse. It is 12 meters wide, the ceiling is 4.5 meters high, the height of both sides is 2.2 meters, the middle aisle is 1.5 meters, and the inner side of the cowshed is 5 meters. The top of the cowshed is Use anti-aging plastic to buckle a layer, and then lay a layer of cold-proof rock wool on top of the plastic sheet. The rear and exterior are covered with anti-aging tarpaulin. The two sides are 3.2 meters away. Remove the plastic sheet in summer and replace it in winter. Covered, such a cowshed is combined with the ground and the internal cow trough, and the average construction cost is about 90 yuan per square meter. The low temperature in winter is minus 312 degrees, the high temperature in summer is 345 degrees, the snow cover in winter is about 0.8 meters thick, and the windy weather in spring can reach level 8. Under such climatic conditions, the cowshed can be used for fifteen years. The greenhouse-type cowshed is applicable everywhere, and the construction is simple, fast, time-saving and labor-saving. The main reason is that the construction cost is low.

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