How to add mineral elements to cattle and sheep

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Together with the mixed concentrate, this is the main form of supplementary feeding of mineral elements for cattle and sheep. Cattle and sheep fattening generally need to be supplemented with mixed concentrate. The mineral elements are supplemented with the mixed concentrate. It is convenient to use, but it must be mixed evenly, especially for those elements with a safe amount and a narrow range of poisoning amounts, such as selenium. As a result, cattle and sheep have adverse effects due to excessive intake of mineral elements. This method is generally not used for cattle and sheep that are grazing and rarely supplemented with concentrate.

Separately prepare macro-element and micro-element premixes to allow cattle and sheep to lick freely according to their own needs. The disadvantage of this method is inconvenience and waste.

Cow licking brick Sheep salt brick

Made into lick bricks, let cows and sheep lick food. The lick brick is a block product with a certain strength after being fully mixed with all the mineral elements necessary for livestock, including salt, according to a formula designed by a nutritionist. Livestock can lick these block products according to their own needs, which is very convenient and safe to use. It is a good way of supplementary feeding of mineral elements for cattle and sheep that are mainly grazing and rarely supplemented with mixed concentrate.

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