Ways to strengthen cattle stomach health

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There are many ways to strengthen the stomach of cattle, but the common ones are as follows:

Cow stomach health

1. Oral artificial salt is 60-100g/head, or Jianweisan 350-450g/head. Take it once a day for 2 days. For frail beef cattle, administer Jianwei powder and then administer yeast powder (or 50-100 yeast tablets), once a day, 250g each time. Feeding for about 4 days, the feed intake of beef cattle will increase significantly, the concentrate in the feces will be significantly reduced by 60%-80%, and the feces will be finely shaped, smooth and elastic.

2. Oral use of trichlorfon To give cattle a good appetite, regular deworming is essential. The old way is to instill trichlorfon once a day for 2 days at a dose of 0.05/kg body weight. In order to achieve the effect of deworming and regulating immunity, improving the disease resistance of beef cattle. But now the most commonly used are albendazole, ivermectin powder and insect repellent mixture. Among them, the effect of subcutaneous injection of ivermectin is better, and although the effect of powder feeding is not so good, the effect is minimal. Pay special attention to pregnant cows so that you don't get injections.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine administering formula: Cyperus rotundus 75g orange peel 50g, betel nut 50g, raspberry seed 75g, green peel 50g, black medicine 50g, citrus aurantium 75g, poria 5g, hawthorn 100g, Shenqu 100g, malt 100g, licorice 50g. After decoction, it can be taken once by gavage, 1 dose per day, for 2 days, which can enhance the gastrointestinal function of beef cattle and increase their appetite.

4. After using yeast flakes and other stomachaches, the spirit of the cow will be hundreds of times better, the body will be more comfortable, and the appetite will be stronger. If the appetite of the cattle is still poor after the above methods, you can try to feed each beef cattle with 50 pieces of dry yeast. In addition, if beef cattle feces are dry, each beef cattle can be appropriately fed 20-30g of multivitamin preparation and a small amount of vegetable oil.

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