Breeding method of reserve cows

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How to breed cows

1. How to breed cows

There are generally three types. The first is the more common natural mating. The fertilization rate of natural mating is relatively high. Just let the cows and bulls mate autonomously. There is no need to conduct estrus identification for the cows, but it is impossible to prevent reproductive tract diseases. . Then it is the same method as natural mating for artificial assisted mating. The main reason is that when the size difference between males and females is too large, and when the bulls cannot mate with the cows normally, then humans are needed to assist males and females in breeding.

The third type is artificial insemination. Artificial insemination must first collect bull semen. After careful inspection, freezing and thawing, it is imported into the reproductive tract of cows that are in heat. When checking and freezing semen, keep a fast speed and control it to about 10 seconds. Close the lid of the container in time to avoid evaporation of liquid nitrogen or other substances entering to reduce the quality of semen. Then put a protective cover around the container and pay more attention when handling it to ensure that it is stable and does not vibrate, and cannot be exposed to the sun. If transport is required, liquid nitrogen should be refilled regularly to avoid damage to the container, resulting in a decrease in semen quality.

2. Mating time

Heifers will gradually begin their first heat at the age of six months to one year. At this time, the cow's estrus period is relatively short, and there is no periodic pattern. Because the reproductive system and body functions of heifers are not yet mature, they are not suitable for hair quality. Generally, the sexual maturity of male and female cows is about one year. Although they have fertility, because male and female cows are also in the peak period of development at this time, if they are bred, it will affect their later growth and reproduction ability. As a result, the breeding period is shortened and the vitality and production performance are reduced, so it is not suitable for breeding at this time.

The mating time of the cow is determined according to the time of maturity. Under normal circumstances, whether it is a bull or a cow, it will be completed when it is 3 years old, and it has reached the maturity stage, and then the breeding can begin at this time. However, the mating age still depends on the species. For example, the mating time of native female cattle is around 1.5 years old, while male cattle are around 2 years old. Good hybrids are mainly at 1.5 years old, depending on the growth of the cattle.

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