Sheep must "five guarantees" for winter

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Keep warm Sheep are relatively resistant to cold, but in winter the temperature of the sheep house should not be lower than 0℃, the lamb house should not be lower than 8℃, and the delivery room should be kept at 10℃~18℃. Before the winter, check and repair the sheep house as soon as possible, and make necessary repairs to the roof and walls to prevent leakage of wind and snow. For sheep pens located in the wild, corn stalks should be used as a windshield outside the north wall; for closed sheep pens, grass curtains should be hung at the door and windows; for simple sheep pens, the eaves can be extended forward and a plastic warm shed can be erected , The top surface is covered with grass curtains. When it is too cold, a stove should be built in the pen to keep warm.

Sheep keep warm in winter

Protecting the flock Winter grazing allows the sheep to eat suitable forages and breathe fresh air, which is conducive to strengthening their physical fitness, and is conducive to exercise resistance to cold and disease. It is the main measure to protect the flock. For grazing, choose sunny slopes and depressions where the wind is sunny and the water source is good, and the flocks can be converted to house feeding in late winter.

To protect the fat, provide high-quality green hay and crop stalks to the flock, and timely replenish concentrates such as soybean meal, corn, dried melons, wheat bran, etc., to ensure that each sheep can eat 200-250 grams of concentrate every day, which is reserved for breeding young rams And little ewes, each should be supplemented with 500 to 600 grams of concentrate per day. Provide regular drinking water 2 to 3 times a day, **** drinking light salt water, the water temperature reaches 18 ℃. In late winter, even if the weather is very cold, try to let the sheep go out for exercise at noon on a sunny day in order to strengthen their physical fitness and improve their cold resistance.

The fetus rams and ewes should be reared separately to prevent the rams from chasing and crawling across the pregnant ewes; pregnant ewes should have a separate shack with the door as wide as possible, and the number of breeding sheds in the shed should be appropriate to ensure that each pregnant sheep accounts for The floor area is 2 to 2.5 square meters to prevent pregnant sheep from being accidentally squeezed; to provide more concentrate and warm and light salt water to pregnant sheep, avoid drinking ice water and eating frosted grass, and ensure reasonable feeding; to prevent sheep There are internal fighting, collisions, etc.; the grazing road should not be too far, steep slopes and dangerous roads should not be taken, artificial chase and beating should be avoided to prevent miscarriage of pregnant sheep due to fright, sudden jump, and fall.

Health care In winter, sheep are susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease, streptococcal disease, sheep pox, dysentery, colds, colibacillosis and other diseases. Immunization of sheep must be carried out in advance, and preventive deworming must be carried out before winter. Usually clean the pens frequently, keep the house clean and dry, remove the feces in time, carry out harmless treatment through accumulation and fermentation, and screen the remaining materials, and the contaminated ones cannot be used again. Pay attention to frequently scrub the sheep population table to promote blood circulation and improve physical health.

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