How to raise reserve cows?

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raise reserve cows?

1. Breeding of mature cattle

(1) The 7-12 month-old cattle are the fastest growing period. When the development is normal, the 12-month-old cattle can weigh 280-300 kg. In this period, 2~2.5kg of concentrate, 10~15kg of silage and 2~2.5kg of hay will be fed per day. Dietary nutritional requirements: 12 to 13 milk energy units; 5 to 7.0 kilograms of dry matter; 600 to 650 grams of crude protein; 30 to 32 grams of calcium; phosphorus (2) 13 to 18 months old cattle, weighing 400 kg , In this period, 3~3.5kg of concentrate, 15~20kg of silage, 2.5~3.0kg of hay per head per day. Dietary nutrition requirement: 13~15 milk energy unit; 6.0~7.0 kg of dry matter; coarse 640~720 grams of protein; 35~38 grams of calcium; 24~25 grams of phosphorus.

2. Growing cattle management

(1) The diet should be mainly coarse feed, supplemented with concentrate appropriately. After breeding young cows, the amount of feed should be gradually increased according to weight gain and fetal development. To prevent over-fertilization, the amount of concentrate should be controlled according to feeding standards.

(2) At the age of 12 months, you can start to touch the udder and traction to make it docile. For young cows, brush the body of the cow every day, massage the udders during the 7th month of pregnancy, once a day, 5 minutes each time, stop the massage 10-15 days before delivery, and try to squeeze is strictly prohibited.

(3) Record the first estrus of each bred cow, and start breeding when it reaches 16 to 18 months of age and weighs more than 350 kg. For cattle that have not been in heat for a long time, please ask artificial insemators and veterinarians for inspection.

3. Feeding of young pregnant cows: refers to first-born cows from pregnancy to calving.

(1) In the early stage of pregnancy, the nutritional requirements of cows are not much different from those before breeding. In the last 4 months of pregnancy, the nutritional requirements are significantly increased. They should be raised according to dairy cow feeding standards. The amount of feed should not be excessive, and maintain a medium body condition and weight. Keep it between 500 and 520 kilograms to prevent excessive fat from causing dystocia or other diseases.

(2) From the beginning of pregnancy, the amount of feed should not be too much, and the main feed is coarse feed. In the early stage of pregnancy, depending on the condition of the cattle, the daily supplement of concentrate is 1 to 1.5 kg. After the pregnancy is 5 months, the daily supplement of concentrate is 2 to 3 kg. 15-20 kg, hay 2.5-3.0 kg, dietary nutrition requirements: milk energy unit 18-20; dry matter 7-9 kg; crude protein 750-850 g; calcium 45-47 g; phosphorus 32-34 g.

(3) 30 days before delivery, concentrates can be appropriately added on the basis of the feeding standards, but the feeding amount should not exceed 1% of the pregnant cow's body weight; the diet should increase the content of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

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