Methods and techniques for calves to wear their nose

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The calf needs to be pierced when it is about one year old. Here are the methods and techniques for calves to wear their noses:

Calf wearing nose

First. Choice of piercing part

For cattle’s nasal penetration, the thinnest part of the nasal septum (cartilage part) (the part without cartilage, thin and soft) is better, that is, the thinnest part of the nasal septum (the operator can use the thumb and index finger (or middle finger) ) Pinching the nose of the cow, I feel it is thin). If it is worn in the thicker inner layer of the front part of the nasal septum, the cow will not obey the command during service, which will easily cause a missing nose. For example, piercing the nose through the cartilage at the back of the nasal septum, although it is not easy to lose the nose, the wound is more difficult to heal, and the pain is too great during traction, which brings difficulties to the training of cattle.

Second, the method of piercing the nose

When piercing the nose, first fix the head of the cow, and disinfect the part and surroundings of the cow’s nose and the metal nose ring with iodine. When piercing the nose, hold the nasal part of the septum of the cow with your left hand, touch the part, and pierce the tip of the nose ring with your right hand. Then twist the two ends of the nose ring together with pliers, and fix it with a small rope; in addition, a perforator (tough wood, bamboo cone or metal cone) is pierced, and then pulled out after the piercing, and then the nose ring is passed through this hole. Fix and disinfect the wound with iodine.

Third, the choice of nose ring

The nose ring is required to be of moderate size and smooth surface. It is better to use a copper nose ring, but also can be forged with No. 6 steel bars to form a nose ring, requiring a thick middle and pointed ends. The wood and bamboo nose rings commonly used by farmers have little damage to the cow's nose and can be widely used. For example, metal nose rings such as copper and iron should be covered with plastic hoses to ensure the smooth surface of the nose ring. It is strictly prohibited to use iron wire to make a nose ring and use it directly.

Fourth, the choice of time

The time of nasal penetration cannot be too early. When the calf’s skin and muscles are relatively tender, the nasal penetration will easily cause a lack of nose, but it should not be too late. It is difficult to fix when it is too late, and it is difficult to adjust and use. Generally, calves wear their nose 2-3 months before training, that is, about one year old. In order to reduce wound inflammation and fly maggots, it is most appropriate to wear the nose in spring and autumn when the air is cooler.

Five, management after nasal penetration

A calf that has just passed through the nose has pain because the wound has not healed. It must take 10 to 15 days until the wound is completely healed before it can be hauled with a rope. When pulling and using the cow, the cow must walk in front and people should follow behind. Forcibly pull in front of the cow and use rough force to whip to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary missing nose. At the same time, check the nose ring frequently. If you find that the nose ring is too large or too small, and the surface is rough, you should replace it in time to prevent the bull nose from damaging the missing nose.

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