Scientific milking

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Scientific milking

① Milking correctly. The correct milking method is an effective means to obtain high milk yield. Improper milking methods will not only reduce milk production, but also damage the breasts. Causes breast inflammation. Milking begins on the day of delivery of the cow, and milking 3 times a day. Wash the breasts with warm water and massage the breasts every time before milking. Squeeze 2 kilograms of milk from each breast every day, 1/3 of each breast each time on the second day, and 1/2 of each breast each time on the third day, and then you can squeeze normally. Special attention should be paid to not squeezing the milk in the breast every day, otherwise it will easily lead to paralysis after delivery. Before manual milking, you should cut your nails, wash your hands, and hold the nipples with your hands to express the milk evenly and quickly. Each cow's milk should be squeezed within 6-10 minutes. Manual milking requires less input, but it takes time and effort. Professional households are best equipped with a milking machine for milking, which not only saves time and effort, but also greatly reduces the chance of milk contamination.

② Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Milk is a food that is directly consumed or used for deep processing. Therefore, the milk must be clean and hygienic, and it is strictly forbidden to mix in dirt or adulterate. Clean the milk bucket and the milking machine every time before and after milking. The hindquarters of the cow should be brushed, the udder should be scrubbed clean, and the milk should be discarded from the extruded head. Because the first 3 pieces of milk contain more bacteria, it will contaminate the milk and affect the quality and storage time of the milk. After milking, cover the lid and sell or send to the purchase station as soon as possible. Cows suffering from mastitis or during the use of certain drugs should be careful not to drink the expressed milk. Because some residual drugs will enter the milk juice and affect milk quality.

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