Feeding and management techniques for calves after weaning

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There are two feeding methods for normal weaned calves: one is weaned at 110 days, weighing 170 kg at 6 months, and the average daily gain is 700-730 g; the other is weaning at 60 days, weighing 160-165 at 6 months. Kg, the average daily gain is 670-700 grams. Next, the sheep and cattle breeding net mainly introduces the breeding technology of calves after weaning for farmers, for reference, and hopes to help the majority of farmers to raise their herds.

Calf after weaning

1. Feeding method

The amount of colostrum produced by each cow is 110-140 kg, while the calf only eats 20-24 kg within 3 days of birth, and the rest is made into fermented colostrum and stored. Fermented colostrum is generally fermented naturally at 25℃~30℃. The calf feed is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:1, and then the same amount of hay or 4 to 5 times the silage is added, then mixed and fed until the intake is maintained at 2 kg per head per day. Feeding should be regular, constant temperature, quantitative and fixed breeders, that is, when feeding the calves, the temperature should be constant. Generally, the temperature of the milk should be 35℃~38℃, the temperature should not rise and fall, and the amount of milk should not fluctuate. , The amount of milk should be fixed, and it should be fed by a dedicated person as much as possible, so that the calf can digest normally. Soak the utensils with hot water before each feeding, and wipe off the residual milk from the calf's mouth with a dry towel after feeding. In the process of weaning calves, in order to prevent calf diarrhea, appropriate antibiotics can be added during the supplementary feeding process, and the feed change is gradually carried out, during which the hay is provided for free intake, and the amount of drinking water should be gradually increased.

2. Management technology

Keep the cow house ventilated and let the calves get more sun. The temperature of the cow house should be 10℃~24℃. Dehorn the calves in time 10-15 days after birth to reduce the absorption of nutrients by horny growth and accelerate the growth and development of calves. Raise them in a calf pen (outdoor or indoor) within 3 months of age. The method of raising calves outdoors in cold houses can help improve survival rate and disease resistance; after 3 months of age, transfer to group feeding, strengthen exercise, and do a good job of brushing calves. Calves are not allowed to be kept in tethers, they should be kept in enclosures and allowed to move freely.

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