When will the cattle be bred?

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Cattle breeding is a very important part of the breeding farm. It is the most important step to ensure the sustainability of breeding. Breeding is a science from the breed of cows and bulls to the semen quality of bulls, precautions for cow breeding, etc. , Here is the time when the cattle will be bred? How many days do cattle breeding succeed?

Cow breeding

Heifers usually first come into estrus at 6-12 months of age. At this time, the duration of estrus is short and the cycle is abnormal. The reproductive system and its functions are still in the growth and development stage, and it is not suitable for breeding calves. Males and cows are already fertile at the sexual maturity period of 8-12 months of age, but at this time the body is in the vigorous stage of growth and development. If they become pregnant, they will affect their growth and development and future breeding and reproduction. It will shorten the useful life, and the vitality and production performance of the offspring will also be low. Therefore, it is not suitable for breeding at this time, and care should be taken to avoid wild mating during production.

So how old is a cow to start breeding? It depends on its mature age. Males and cows generally complete their growth at the age of 2 to 3 years and reach maturity when they can be bred. According to experience, the initial mating age is generally 1.5 to 2 years for female cattle, 2 to 2.5 years for male cattle, and 1.5 to 2 years for male and female cattle imported from abroad. It depends on the growth and development of the individual. Taking adult cattle as the standard, when the weight of the individual reaches 65% to 70% of the adult, the body is as high as 90%, and the chest circumference reaches 80%, it is the initial mating age. At this time, the economic benefits of breeding are the most it is good.

1. Best mating time

According to experience, cows in estrus in the morning should be bred in the afternoon, and cows in estrus in the afternoon should be bred the next morning. Younger cattle must be matched early, and older cattle must be matched late.

2. Best mating time after delivery

Previously, it was believed that the time for cows to return to normal genitalia and be ready for breeding was 60 days after delivery. Recent studies have shown that if the first estrus mating is 35-40 days postpartum, the calving interval can be shortened. With early breeding, about 45% of the first insemination cows conceive. For the next lactation period, dairy cows need a dry period of 60 days. Cows conceived earlier than 60 days after delivery have a lactation period of less than 305 days, but the peak period of milk production accounts for an increased proportion of the cow’s lifetime, thereby increasing production Milk volume.

About 80% of cows have a peak estrus period that lasts 15 to 18 hours and ovulates 10 to 17 hours after the end of estrus. Therefore, the appropriate time for breeding cows should be at or near the end of estrus.

The period from conception of a cow to the birth of a mature fetus is called the gestation period. The gestation period of a cow is generally 275 to 285 days, with an average of 283 days. The length of pregnancy varies according to factors such as breed, age, season, feeding management, and fetal sex. Premature breeds have a shorter gestation period. Dairy cows are shorter than beef cattle, female calves are about 1 day shorter than male calves, young cows are about 1 day shorter than adult cows, and twins are 3 to 6 days shorter than single babies. Winter and spring The farrowing cows are 2 to 3 days longer than the farrowing in summer and autumn, and the gestation period of cows with poor feeding and management conditions is longer.

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