The treatment of cattle louver disease and how to prevent it

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Cattle louver disease is more likely to occur in the cold season. The occurrence of this disease is more related to improper feeding and management, and some are secondary to other diseases. However, timely treatment of cattle louver disease can be effectively cured. In addition, if you strengthen the feeding management and prevent the stem disease of cattle in the process of raising cattle, you can completely reduce the probability of the disease.

Cattle louver disease

First. How does the stem disease of cattle cause?

1. Primary gastric obstruction is mainly caused by excessive fatigue, insufficient drinking water, and long-term large-scale feeding of feeds that are difficult to digest, rich in crude fiber, mixed sand, and processed too finely.

2. Secondary gastric obstruction, mostly in front gastritis, true gastric disease, certain parasitic diseases and acute febrile diseases.

Second, the treatment of cattle louver disease

The principle of treatment of this disease is to enhance the motility of the valve and stomach and promote the rapid discharge of its contents.

If the symptoms of valvular obstruction are severe, salt laxatives can be injected directly into the valvular stomach, and generally satisfactory results can be obtained.

Method 1:

400g of magnesium sulfate, 2g of procaine, 3g of nitrofurazone, 200mL of glycerin, 3L of water, injected once after dissolution;

Method 2:

Sodium sulfate 300g, glycerol 500mL, water 23L, 1 injection.

If the effect of one injection is not significant, another injection the next day or every other day.

Drink plenty of water after the injection, and appropriately cooperate with treatment measures such as heart strengthening and rehydration.

Three. How to prevent dry cow louver disease?

It is actually very simple to prevent cow's louver disease. One is to ensure that the cow's moisture can keep up, the other is to improve its digestion ability, and the third is to reduce the accumulation of food in the stomach.

For the food that you are feeding, please prepare warm water next to it, and the food should be moisturized; drink water regularly.

For the second point, it is necessary to regularly supplement some foods that facilitate digestion, supplement some trace elements, or inject some drugs that facilitate digestion; the feed should not be crushed too fine, and it is not advisable to feed too much bran feed. Feed a certain amount of green fodder or silage.

The third point is to adjust the feeding method. Don't feed too much at once, feed a little less each time, and feed several times a day, so that food accumulation is not easy to occur, but also to ensure the water demand of the cattle.

In addition, pay attention to one point. At the same time, the cattle should be prevented from overwork and ensure that the cattle are properly exercised.

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