Scientific rescue of dystocia ewes

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There are generally two main cases of dystocia. One is the cause of the ewe, such as narrow cervix, pelvis, vagina, etc., or insufficient elasticity, insufficient expansion of the birth canal during delivery, etc., which will cause the ewe to produce difficulties. The second reason-the lamb's fetal position is not correct.

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There are two main fetal positions for normal delivery. One is straight birth, that is, the lamb’s head is sandwiched between the two forelegs that extend to the birth canal. During delivery, the two forelegs and head of the fetus come out of the mother’s birth canal first. The hind limbs come out. The other is the upside-down birth, that is, the two hind legs are stretched together toward the birth canal, the hind legs are hanging up, the back of the fetus and the back of the mother are in the same direction, and both are up. The two hind legs are first out during delivery. , And then the fetal head and two front legs. Except for these two conditions, the others are abnormal fetal positions.

There are three most common abnormal fetal positions. One is that the fetus’s buttocks are in front; the second is that the legs are stretched forward and the head is tilted back; the third is that the head has entered the birth canal but the forelimbs are bent backward. When the fetal position of the lamb is abnormal, the lamb must be helped to correct the fetal position before it can be born. The so-called correction is to pull the lamb out after pushing it forward.

Understand the reasons for the dystocia of the ewe, determine the scientific rescue plan, and through careful and meticulous lamb delivery, can the dystocia of the ewe be resolved, ensure the safety of mother and child, and increase the survival rate of lambs.

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