What should I pay attention to when feeding cattle?

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Cattle breeding is an important breeding industry in our country. With the continuous development of society, the degree of large-scale breeding is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by a high frequency of diseases, and the most convenient and fastest treatment is medicine. However, there are often problems of unreasonable use, abuse, and drug residues when using drugs, so the following four aspects should be paid attention to when using drugs:

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1. Use antibiotics reasonably. Antibiotics are widely used in the aquaculture industry. Its main function is to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and kill them. It is often used for disease prevention and treatment and to promote development. It is the most widely used and widely used drug in cattle breeding, but there are often many unreasonable places when using it, such as taking oral antibiotics to cattle, which causes great hidden dangers to cattle. Cows are originally ruminants. They mainly use crude fiber food, but their gastrointestinal and stomach can not digest and absorb these fibers. They are mainly absorbed by beneficial microorganisms living in the intestines and stomachs. However, after oral antibiotics, it will inhibit and kill these beneficial microorganisms that help it digest, causing it to suffer from indigestion, and finally increase the burden of gastrointestinal function. Over time, it is very easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Reasonable drug compatibility. Medicines have their own unique effects, and in order to achieve the best results, two or more drugs are often used in combination to maximize the efficacy. However, there are different specifications and dosages between drugs, as well as different pharmacological differences. Therefore, it is necessary to master the efficacy, pharmacology and other factors of each drug when combining them, and carry out reasonable scientific compatibility. If the compatibility is improper, it will not only waste the medicine and cause losses, but it may also have a counterproductive effect and aggravate the condition. Therefore, you must master the compatibility skills when using the medicine.

3. Drug residues. Nowadays, in order to speed up the treatment cycle of diseases, or to speed up the release time, many farmers often administer heavy medicines and aggressive medicines, and use drugs indiscriminately. This often leads to the phenomenon of drug residues in cattle, and this also makes the breeding industry and food Karma is extremely troublesome. We are eating beef with drug residues, which will affect our health. In severe cases, drug poisoning will occur, which is dangerous to life and safety. When using drugs, you must use them as required, and never increase the dosage of the drugs. After using the drugs, the residual amount of the drug must be lower than the national standard before listing.

4. Drug resistance. Drug resistance is also a relatively common problem in my country. Most of the aquaculture industry in my country is small-scale and free-range, and the level of intensive management is low, resulting in less popularization of many advanced aquaculture technologies. Therefore, in many cases, farmers use traditional methods to prevent and treat diseases. Most of the time, they use a drug to prevent and treat diseases. This leads to a lot of drug-resistant offspring, and if a new disease occurs, these drugs will be lost. The effect, over time, has made diseases more and more difficult to treat, and the development of new drugs is far behind the mutation speed. Therefore, the medication must be used rationally and scientifically. The same medication must be used uninterruptedly, and two or more medications must be used in the treatment of diseases to reduce the resistance of cattle.

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