How to raise cows during lactation?

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The main problem to be solved during the breeding period of lactating cows is how to increase the milk production of the cows, so that sufficient milk can be provided to the calves, and the cows need to consume more nutrients during the lactation period than during pregnancy. There are many other growth periods. During this period, there are generally four stages. Each stage of feeding has certain differences. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. In addition, the medication during cattle breeding is also reasonable and principled. In terms of breeding management, special care is needed in the cold season to keep the cows healthy and cold.

Cow feeding during lactation

1. The colostrum period. After the calf is born, the cow's body function has not fully recovered. At this stage, it is generally only possible to feed some high-quality hay and soup made with wheat bran. After two or three days, you can feed some Juicy forage and concentrate with balanced nutrients, but it should be noted that the concentrate must not be fed too much. Usually, the feeding amount of the concentrate can be restored to the normal feeding amount in about half a month. At this time, the udder of the cow has also been swollen, and the body function is gradually restored.

2. The breast-rich period. The lactation period is the period when the cow produces the most milk, and the amount of time during the lactation period is relatively long, usually from half a month after the calf is born to about three months. Cows produce more milk. During this period, the cow’s food intake has also returned to normal, but the nutritional requirements of the feed are relatively high. Usually, we are fed with a one-to-one amount of concentrate and coarse feed, and we have to clean the barn from time to time to maintain it. In a sanitary living environment, put enough drinking water in the cowshed, and at the same time allow it to exercise slowly.

3. Mid-breast period. In the mid-lactation period, improper feeding will directly cause the cow’s milk production to drop sharply, or even weaning. The mid-lactation period is usually one month after the full lactation period to one to two months before the final lactation period. During this period of time, according to the normal situation of the cow, the milk production is slowly decreasing. This is a normal natural law, but we can maintain the current milk production by feeding and reduce the milk production speed. Slow, for this we can choose carefully formulated feeds for feeding, and we can also formulate feeds at a ratio of four to six concentrates and coarse feeds, because if the ratio of concentrates is too large, it will cause mothers Cattle become fatter, which affects later fertility.

4. Late lactation period. It is conceivable that the late lactation period is the final stage of the cow's milk production, which means that the milk has basically stopped secreting. At this time, we need to fundamentally regulate the body of the cow and prepare for the next pregnancy. At this time, we mainly use coarse materials as the main ingredients, supplemented by concentrated materials. We usually prepare ingredients according to the ratio of three to seven concentrated materials and coarse materials. Generally, we use corn, bran, soybean meal, feed and other aspects. The necessary trace elements for the ingredients, and to ensure that the cow's daily exercise volume is at least about an hour, so that the cow's body can be restored to the best state.

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