What should I pay attention to when raising cattle in the cold season?

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1. Insulation. The weather in winter is relatively cold, so we need to heat the cowshed. First of all, we must carefully check whether the cowshed is damaged when the winter is about to enter, and repair the damaged place in time to prevent the cold wind from blowing in. The second is that you can add some dry straw or wheat stalks to the cowshed to pave the cowshed, which can also play a role in heat preservation, and keep the temperature of the cowshed at around nine to fifteen degrees as much as possible.

2. Ingredients. The feed ration for raising cattle in winter is also different from other time periods. To realize the diversified feeding of feed, firstly, while keeping the original concentrate unchanged, the feeding amount of corn should be increased appropriately, and the second is Feed more coarse materials, but coarse materials are mainly coarse materials that can keep the cows warm, such as distiller's grains, root bark, etc., which can play a good role in keeping out the cold.

3. Drinking water. Since cows in winter mainly feed on coarse hay, they should be provided with sufficient drinking water in daily management. The drinking water needs to be heated. It is best to control the water temperature at about 20 degrees. This is of great benefit to the cow’s intestines and stomach. At the same time, remember to change the water in time. Drinking cold water after drinking warm water can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

4. Clean. The temperature outside in winter is lower than indoors, so in winter, raising cattle is basically carried out indoors. Therefore, the sanitary management of the cattle barn and the sanitary management of the cattle themselves must be stricter than usual, because in winter, if they are caught and cleaned for a long time , It is very easy to breed bacteria, so basically it needs to be cleaned every three to five days, disinfected every half a month, and as much as possible every day to wipe the body of the cow, so as to maintain the environment of the cowshed As well as the cleansing of the cow's body, it can also promote the blood circulation of the cow, improve the immunity, and achieve the effect of fattening.

5. Exercise. In winter, cows are basically raised indoors and rarely go out for stocking. Because of the fear that the cows will catch a cold, there is a serious lack of exercise, which will seriously affect the health of the cows and easily get sick. So when the weather is clear, it is appropriate The cows are released to bask in the sun and exercise, which can strengthen the bovine body and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

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