What should I do if a new born lamb can't stand up?

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Sick sheep can be placed in a spacious and ventilated barn to restrict movement. Then treat as follows:

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1. Add oats or barley sprouts to the diet, supplement calcium phosphate, and also mix in vegetable oils rich in vitamin E, such as cottonseed oil and rape oil.

2. Use 0.2% sodium selenite solution once subcutaneously. We have used this method to treat a large number of sick lambs with good results. The dosage is 1.5-2ml. Sodium selenite is irritating to the local area. After medication, some sheep scream and feel uneasy, or lose appetite for 1 to 2 times, and a small number of sheep have ulceration and peeling at the injection site. This is a normal phenomenon; do not be afraid.

3. Inject vitamin E subcutaneously or intramuscularly at a dose of 10-15 mg, once a day, for continuous application until healed. If you have sheep in this situation, it is recommended that you choose appropriate treatment measures according to the actual situation of the lamb.

How to prevent lambs from being unable to stand up?

To avoid this, we must first strengthen the feed management of the ewes, increase the light transmittance of the shed, keep the ewes properly exercised, and supplement the intensive feed as much as possible, and pay attention to maintaining the calcium chloride level when supplementing calcium. Minerals.

In addition, if the sheep is grazing, it is not prone to lack of calcium and phosphorus, so if it is raised in captivity, it is necessary to supplement legumes as much as possible to ensure the supplement of calcium.

For lambs without or lack of milk, artificial supplementary feeding can be carried out. Fresh eggs, cod liver oil, salt and boiling water can be used to mix and feed evenly. Generally, lambs within one week of birth are supplemented 4-6 times a day, each time 50 Milliliters, then gradually increase the amount of supplementary feeding, and start training to eat grass after half a month.

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