Prevention and treatment of cowhide myiasis

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The common symptom of cow's skin myiasis is that there are many small bumps and pores on the skin of cow's back. It is a chronic parasitic disease caused by the larvae of the cowfly or the larvae parasitizing in the subcutaneous tissues of the back of cattle. my country is classified as the three animal diseases of cattle. The pathogens of the disease are the larvae of two kinds of flies, the larvae and the larvae. Adults of the skin flies do not bite and eat. When the larvae migrate in the deep tissues, they cause tissue damage and inflammatory reactions; when they are under the skin on the back, they have different degrees of honeycomb. Weaving inflammation, the perforation of the protuberance is often purulent due to microbial infection, with pus and exudate flowing out, and after drying up, it becomes a scab and the coat is rough; the toxic substances secreted have a damaging effect on the blood and blood vessel walls. When the infection is severe, the carcass is thin, the meat quality is poor, the development of young animals is blocked, the milk production of cows is reduced, and the service ability of draught animals is reduced; the most serious damage is the perforation of the large back skin, which causes economic loss of leather.

Cowhide myiasis

In areas where skin flies are active, spray 0.5% trichlorfon solution to the bovine body every half month to prevent skin flies from laying eggs. Regularly spray pyrethrin to kill flies in cattle houses and sports places. The treatment should first remove the pus and messy hairs. Use a brush to dip a 2% trichlorfon solution and rub it on the back of the cow for 2 to 3 minutes. Most of the worms can be killed. Throughout the epidemic season, apply the medicine 2 to 3 times. Or every November, intramuscular injection of fenthion buttocks. The internal medicine kills the early larvae during migration and development, and can receive better results.

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