How to store grass in winter sheep

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In order to keep the sheep from losing fat in winter, it is necessary to prepare enough forage for overwintering. This is the basis to ensure that the flock can survive the winter. How to store grass for raising sheep in winter?

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Can captive sheep eat hay all year round?

It is possible for captive sheep to eat hay throughout the year, but if you want to achieve better feeding results, feed them to the sheep with a reasonable combination of concentrated feed and fresh grass. The feed produced by this is not only good for palatability, but also can improve the appetite , It can also ensure that the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the sheep are sufficient and balanced.

You can collect grass, hay, etc. widely according to the number and number of sheep. These can be fed through ammoniating, alkalization, and storage, or making silage and fermented feed to feed the sheep. In the concentrate, corn, barley, bran and cakes and agricultural and sideline products are good feeds for sheep.

How to store hay for winter?

1. Watch the weather forecast. Choose a hot and sunny day, spread the prepared grass material on the ground, keeping the thickness at 3~5cm, to facilitate subsequent drying.

2. Expose for 4~5 hours. Before the leaves begin to fall off, pile the forage into small piles, the height of the small piles is controlled at about 1m, and the diameter is about 1.5m.

3. Continue drying until the moisture content of the forage is about 15% (pick a handful of grass and shake it, making a rustling sound, and rubbing it in your hands will not break).

4. Put the wood under the big pile, keep the big pile 30-50cm away from the ground, then pile the grass on the big pile, and cover it with plastic film to avoid rain. If you find that the temperature in the large stack is rising, you need to take out the forage in time to avoid moldy.

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