What happened to the decline in cattle feed intake?

2020-12-22 17:15:13 dy

1. Poor feed quality

When the feed quality is poor, the cows want to eat but do not want to approach the tank or feed the feed. Judging that the feed is so bad and that the feed has an odor, this reduces the feed intake.

Decrease in cattle feed intake

2. Improper feeding method (too much feeding)

The feed intake of fattening cattle is reduced, the feed in the trough is more, there is more residual material on the trough, and the cow's mouth is arched in the trough. If you come to the arch, you can judge that there is too much feed, which will lead to reduced feed intake.

3. Insufficient drinking water

Finished cows are rough, feces granulated, and thick yellow urine. Cows want to eat, but the feed intake is small. When they encounter water crazy drinking water, they can be judged as lack of water. Water will reduce feed intake.

4. The cow is sick

It was found that the feed intake of fattening cattle suddenly decreased, and the decrease was extremely large. When observing dairy cows, if the body temperature is high or painful, it can be judged that the feed intake of the fattening cow has decreased due to disease.

5. High temperature and high humidity

Finishing cattle have poor adaptability to environmental conditions of high temperature and humidity. When the ambient temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius, the fattening cattle have normal body temperature and normal activities, but the feeding is not active. It can be judged that the feed amount is reduced due to high temperature and high humidity.

6. Other reasons

Some cattle are thin and long, but have no pathological manifestations. There may be internal or external parasites or gallstones (commonly known as bezoar) leading to reduced feed intake.

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