Scientific cattle breeding: how to choose the location and layout of cattle farms

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How to choose the location of the cattle farm and how to layout the buildings to be regarded as scientific cattle breeding?

Raising cattle

Raising cattle has become a good way for farmers to get rich, especially beef cattle. But raising cattle is not so easy. It is necessary to pay attention to the influence of various factors. If you want to obtain better profits, you must use scientific methods. Let me introduce you some knowledge about raising cattle, hoping to help you.

If you want to raise good cattle, you must have good equipment, and a comfortable living environment for the cattle is conducive to their growth. It can be seen that the location of a cattle farm is very important. How to choose a place that is convenient for management and suitable for its growth? First of all, it is best to build a cattle farm on a relatively flat ground, which can fully receive the sunlight, and the impact on the cattle should be small when the wind is blowing. Keep the cattle farm relatively dry, the water level in the ground cannot be too high, and there is a place for drainage. If you choose to build in a mountainous area, you have to find a relatively gentle place, and the slope cannot be greater than 15 degrees.

Cattle farms need a lot of hay and fodder daily, so the cattle farm needs to be built in a place with relatively convenient transportation. In order to facilitate the transportation between the feeding truck and the veterinarian at the epidemic prevention station or other bull-pull carts, it is best to have a spacious road near the cattle farm, and the roads around the cattle farm should not be too narrow. The road is best not to be a dirt road. After the rain, the cart gets stuck and it is difficult to pull out, which is particularly troublesome.

When these geographical conditions are well equipped, the layout of the buildings in the cattle farm should also be planned reasonably. It is very important to improve the utilization rate of the cattle farm. The offices and residences of the cattle farm should be built outside the cattle farm. One is to facilitate communication with outsiders, and the other is not to cause too much influence on the taste of the cattle farm. After all, the place where people live should be clean and sanitary.

The cow house should be built in the middle of the cow farm, which can facilitate breeding and reduce the distance of the moving line, but also can fully feel the sunlight and facilitate the lighting and ventilation. When building a cowshed, the cowshed should be separated from the cowshed by a distance of more than ten meters, and they should be evenly and orderly arranged. Multiple rows can be arranged. A place for tools should be arranged in the cowshed, as well as a well in the cowshed. It is best to plant some green plants around the cowshed to absorb some carbon dioxide and purify the surrounding air.

The place where the feed is stored on the cattle farm should be placed closer to the cowshed, but away from the water source. After all, it is a dry thing. If the feed and hay are soaked due to improper operation, it will not be worth the gain. When you are close to the cowshed, you must also pay attention to convenient transportation. Feed will be frequently supplied, so pay attention to convenient transportation.

There are usually places to treat manure and sewage in the farm. These equipment should be placed at the downwind of the cowshed to avoid secondary contamination of the cattle or feed by some bacteria. It is best to stay away from the cowshed and the office, in a relatively low-lying place 300 meters away to avoid infection.

For raising cattle, you must choose better breeds, which are not only delicious, but also not easy to get sick. It is easier to raise them later. Eat some green grass while feeding the feed. Although it is a breeding cow, you must pay attention to the combination of nutrients. Don't over fatten, and prohibit the use of hormones and other harmful substances. The above are some of the techniques that the editor has learned about scientific cattle breeding. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If there are better suggestions, you can also publish them for mutual reference.

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