Keep good sheep in late autumn

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Keep good sheep in late autumn

Pay attention to avoiding frost. Shepherd sheep in autumn. When there is frost, go out late and return late. When there is no frost, go out early and return late. Try to extend the grazing time. Autumn frost is harmful to sheep, so avoid it and don't graze with frost.

Prevention of poisoning After the autumn crops are harvested, part of the grain is often left in the ground. At this time, it is a good time for grazing to catch fat. But herding sheep in sorghum and corn stubble is very dangerous. Because the regenerated seedlings of sorghum and corn are very high in cyanogenic glycosides, after the sheep eats, toxic hydrocyanic acid will be produced in the stomach due to the action of enzymes and hydrochloric acid, causing poisoning. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to graze in sorghum and corn fields with regenerated seedlings after harvest, and it is not allowed to harvest such seedlings to feed sheep. If sheep poisoning occurs, go to the veterinary station for treatment as soon as possible.

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