How to build a cattle farm?

2020-10-28 15:43:37 Dy

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1. Site selection of cattle farm. The location of the cattle farm is the basic condition for breeding. The geographical location of the breeding farm is very important, it needs to take into account the forage, water source, transportation and other aspects. Generally, we will choose places with higher terrain but flat general map, sunny leeward, sandy loam, sufficient water, abundant grass and convenient transportation. This can prevent some natural disasters, and the breeding environment is also very good, and it is convenient to transport feed and sell beef cattle.

2. The construction plan of the cattle farm. After selecting the breeding site, you need to plan the breeding farm. We first need to consider the number of cattle breeding, the cost of construction of the cattle farm, the demand for materials for the breeding farm, how to divide the breeding farm and how to make full use of land resources and other issues. After **, make a relatively feasible plan or plan for these issues. Implementing the plan can improve work efficiency and arrange investment reasonably.

3. Construction method of cattle farm. The structure of the farm is generally divided into the following aspects. They are foundations, walls, doors and windows, roofs, cowsheds, feeding troughs, passages, and urinal ditches. In order to make the farm more solid, the foundation must be at least one meter deep into the ground, and the wall thickness must reach about 25 cm. Cattle farms need to maintain air circulation, so we have to set up doors and windows. The height and width of the doors and windows are two meters and 2.5 meters, respectively. The roofs of cattle farms are generally double-slope, so that the roof can be used to raise various herds, such as cows, bulls, and dairy cows, without the need to rebuild the cowshed. After **, it is necessary to provide a comfortable resting environment for the cattle. The construction of the cattle house must have a certain slope to facilitate the discharge of manure and urine, and each cattle house needs to set up a trough and water trough to facilitate feeding.

4. Construction of cesspool. The construction of manure tanks is also a very important issue. The state now attaches great importance to environmental protection. If the pollution treatment fails to meet the standards, the state will prohibit breeding and impose penalties. The manure tank is generally built behind the cattle farm, so that the manure can be easily discharged, and it can also reduce the construction cost to a certain extent. The size and size of manure treatment equipment for manure tanks needs to be reasonably arranged and planned according to the number of cattle raised. Generally, for a hundred cows, the manure tank needs a manure tank with a width of about one to two acres.

5. Matters needing attention. There are many issues that need attention in the construction of cattle farms. Here are a few more important considerations for everyone. The first is to make reasonable use of funds and land when constructing aquaculture farms. After everything is on the right track, slowly expand the scale. The second is to do a good job of introducing seeds, the density of the introduction should be reasonable, and it should not be too large. In addition, when building a breeding farm, it is necessary to give cattle a certain amount of space to increase their physical fitness. After **, the planning of the cattle farm must be reasonable, so that the later management work will be much easier.