Precautions for wintering lamb

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Precautions for wintering lamb

1. Pay attention that suckling lambs are most likely to die in the first 10 days after birth. This is mostly caused by lambs not eating well. Therefore, after the lamb is born, it is necessary to make the lamb eat colostrum as soon as possible to enhance its immunity. Lambs are fed once every 1-2 hours after birth. After 3 to 5 days, it will gradually transition to feeding 3 to 4 times a day. If the ewe is short of milk or dies, you can find a nanny sheep to feed on behalf of the sheep. If you cannot find a nanny sheep, you can use artificial breastfeeding. Artificial breastfeeding is generally available with fresh milk, milk powder, etc., artificial breastfeeding 7-8 times a day in the first month.

2. Take care of supplementary feeding 7-10 days after the birth of lambs, to start supplementary feeding, you can use 1 part of bran, 2 parts of broken corn, plus a small amount of bone meal or salt to fry and feed. The feeding amount should increase with the increase of the age of the lamb, generally 150 to 200 grams of supplementary feeding per day, divided into three feedings. In addition, we must choose high-quality green hay, tie it into small bundles with rope, and hang it up so that the lamb can eat freely.

3. Ensure drinking water In order to ensure the normal growth and development of lambs, they must drink clean enough warm water for the lambs 2 to 3 times a day.

4. Pay attention to keeping warm lambing pens to keep them warm, clean, dry, and well ventilated. Because the temperature difference between the cold and heat outside the pens is too large, or it is humid, not only is it not conducive to the growth and development of the lambs, but it can also cause the lambs to develop disease. Generally, the temperature in the barn is required to be kept above 0℃, not too high. After the lamb is born, if the ewe does not lick the mucus on the lamb in time, wipe it with grass to prevent the lamb's body from freezing and increase the lamb's cold resistance.

5. Proper exercise. Ewes should be raised in pens and not grazing within 1 week of lambing. After 1 week, the ewe can be grazing near the pen and the lambs are left in the pen, and at noon in fine weather, the lambs can be driven to the sports field for activities and basking in the sun to promote the growth of lambs and adapt to the external climate and environmental conditions Enhance its resistance to cold and disease.

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