What should novices pay attention to when raising cattle?

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1. Disinfection. When breeding, in order to prevent the invasion of pathogens, it is necessary to avoid reference by outsiders. There must be a disinfection tank in each breeding area, and the disinfectant must be replaced regularly. Staff should also pay attention to disinfection when entering the farm. In particular, some foreign personnel and vehicles are not allowed to enter and leave at will to prevent the carrying of germs. Must be thoroughly disinfected before entering to create a sterile breeding environment.

2. Introduction. The introduction of calves is very important, and it is directly linked to the efficiency of breeding. Many novices will choose some lower-quality cattle breeds in order to reduce breeding costs when introducing them. This is actually very bad. Because novices should focus on quality rather than quantity in the early stage of breeding. The profit margin brought by a good variety is very high. If the quality is poor and the growth rate is slow, then no amount of money can be made no matter how cheap.

3. Deworming. Most novice farmers have no breeding experience. Therefore, cattle seedlings are generally used for breeding. When buying cattle seedlings, if there are old cattle in the house, they should not be kept together. To prevent cattle seedlings from carrying pathogens, the cattle seedlings should be sterilized and reared separately for a period of time. After about two weeks, they can be reared together if there is no abnormality. Then pay attention to regularly deworming cattle every year, usually during the peak period of parasite activity in spring and autumn.

4. Cow dung cleaning. Cow dung, as the excrement of cattle, contains many bacteria. Therefore, we must clean up the cow dung in time every day during the breeding process. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will easily lead to the spread of bacteria and cause cattle disease. We must keep the cow dung away from the cowshed and pile it together for fermentation and disinfection. After it is fully decomposed, the cow dung can also be used as farmyard manure, which can improve economic benefits.

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