The adverse effects of overweight and lean cows on reproduction

2020-11-11 17:33:18 Dy

The nutritional control of cows is very helpful for reproduction, and both excessive and poor conditions will adversely affect reproduction.

Cow breeding

In the case of over-nutrition, breeding cows are prone to obesity, showing dystocia.

Malnourished cattle are thin, do not estrus or have pregnancy interruption after conception; pregnant cattle with poor condition have weak calves and very light weight.

Insufficient energy and nutrition supply has a great impact on the re-breeding of pregnant cows after delivery, which manifests as non-estrus or infertility after breeding. The low level of protein nutrition in the cow during pregnancy will reduce the reproductive rate, or the newborn calf weight is light, or the cow has not been in heat for a long time after delivery.

The lack of elemental iodine can cause reproductive disorders, weak calf production, stillbirth, or swelling of the calf's neck (goiter). The lack of vitamin A in the nutrition of pregnant females leads to weak calves or deformities, amblyopia or death of calves.

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