Symptoms and treatment of salt poisoning in mutton sheep

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Meat sheep salt poisoning

In the breeding of mutton sheep, especially in the current house-fed breeding, salt is an indispensable ingredient in the feed. An appropriate amount of salt can ensure the normal water and salt metabolism in the mutton sheep, thereby increasing appetite and digestive activities, but if it is over It can cause salt poisoning in mutton sheep, so beware of salt poisoning in the breeding of mutton sheep. The symptoms and treatment of salt poisoning in mutton sheep are introduced as follows:

The amount of salt poisoning per kilogram of body weight of mutton sheep is 3 to 6 grams; the lethal dose of salt for adult mutton sheep is 125 to 250 grams. Salt poisoning or death of mutton sheep is not solely determined by the salt intake, but also depends on whether the drinking water is sufficient. If you take in too much salt, but at the same time drink a lot of water, it may not be poisoned. On the contrary, if you consume too much salt and lack of drinking water, the chance of poisoning will increase. Feeding mutton sheep with 2% salt feed and restricting the drinking water of mutton sheep caused poisoning after a few days; but feeding feed containing 13% salt without restricting drinking water resulted in no poisoning.

Symptoms of salt poisoning in mutton sheep are mainly caused by shortness of breath, conjunctival flushing and congestion, thirst, increased appetite, blurred vision or blindness, muscle tremor and spasm, finally falling to the ground, irregular movement of limbs, unconsciousness and death. Necropsy of meninges and brain congestion and bleeding, gastrointestinal mucosa flushing, bleeding or edema.

In the early stage of treatment and diagnosis, 500 ml of normal saline containing 5% glucose can be injected intravenously; oral administration of 150 to 200 ml of castor oil is difficult to treat.

In the daily diet of mutton sheep, attention must be paid to the application of salt. Appropriate amount and scientific feeding are necessary to avoid salt poisoning. If salt poisoning occurs in mutton sheep and is not treated in time, death will occur, which will cause economic losses to the farm .

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