What is the reason why a new born lamb can't stand up?

2021-01-12 17:18:49 dy

People who often raise sheep sometimes inevitably encounter a situation in which a new born lamb cannot stand up somehow. Faced with this situation, everyone is really anxious, but what causes it? How to solve it? Let's take a look together.

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Lambs can’t stand up are mainly caused by the improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the feed, which leads to the failure of the lamb’s thyroid function, which in turn causes blood calcium dysfunction or increased estrogen levels to reduce the amount of calcium absorbed by the digestive tract.

Due to insufficient vitamin content in feed and insufficient light in the breeding environment, there are few vitamins in lambs. Insufficient calcium and phosphorus in feed for pregnant ewes can also cause calcium deficiency in lambs. In addition, the dark and humid environment of the lamb can cause calcium deficiency in lambs and cause other diseases.

Insufficient deworming and single feed, especially the lack of essential multivitamins, trace elements such as iodine, copper, selenium, energy, protein, and serious macro-element ratio imbalances, resulting in nutritional deficiencies in ewes and nutritional deficiencies in milk. Lamb development. Especially in the winter, the sheep's activity is small, the sun exposure is small, and the supplementary feeding cannot keep up, which is the main reason for the high incidence of lambs.

The clinical symptoms are weakness of the lamb's legs or postpartum paralysis, slow growth and development, and often like to lie down for a long time, standing hard, and the limbs often cannot support the body to stand. Over time, the limbs will swell, and the legs will become curved. Although they can be expanded, they are extremely variable. Sometimes they will have difficulty breathing and rapid heartbeat when walking. In the early stage of calcium deficiency in ewes, pelvic muscle relaxation will occur, and there will be an obvious trend of decreased feed intake. When calcium deficiency is severe, symptoms such as constant screaming, poor urination, and decreased appetite will occur.

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