The advantages of cattle breeding

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The advantages of cattle breeding

Zoning rotation grazing is a planned and controlled grazing method. Its advantages can be summarized as follows:

1. It can improve the utilization rate of pasture and save the pasture area. Zoning rotation is a controlled grazing method. Compared with free grazing, it can reduce the trampling degree of livestock on the pasture.

2. It can improve the productivity of pasture and the quality of pasture. The grassland is used evenly during the division of rotation grazing, which promotes the growth of forage grass.

3. The quantity of livestock products can be increased. The implementation of zoned rotation grazing can reduce the migration time of livestock and prevent livestock from consuming heat energy due to activities.

4. It can prevent domestic animals from infecting parasites. During the division of rotation grazing, the residence time of livestock in each plot generally does not exceed 6 days. During this time, the parasite eggs excreted from the feces of the livestock have not yet developed into invasive larvae, which will not harm healthy livestock. .

5. It is convenient to manage the grassland. Many measures of artificial improvement of grassland are easy to implement when the area rotation grazing is implemented. In the case of high livestock carrying capacity in the pasture, zoned rotation grazing can show its superiority.

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