Two-story sheep house construction requirements and design drawings

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If you are in a high temperature, rainy and humid environment, the two-story sheep house can effectively alleviate these problems. It is recommended that your sheep house be built in a dry, well-drained, leeward location that is protected from heat, humidity, and weather, and close to pastures and clean water sources.

The compartments of the second-storey sheep house are laid with wooden strips, and the floor of plastic material can also be used, which is more durable. The distance between the wooden strips is appropriate to keep the sheep's feet from falling. The distance between the compartment and the ground is generally 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters, to keep the sheep house ventilated and easy to clean up excrement. The height of the sheep house should be kept at about 2 meters, which can achieve waterproof, ventilation and heat insulation. (As shown below)

Sheep&Cattle Farming | GREAT FARM

Sheep&Cattle Farming | GREAT FARM

Two-story sheep farm suspended wooden floor

Sheep&Cattle Farming | GREAT FARM

Suspended two-story sheep farm

Install slatted boards with bamboo or wood strips as the sheep house floor. The width of the horizontal strips on the board surface is 3CM~5CM, and the width of the slats is 1CM~1.5CM. The board surface is too wide and it is easy to accumulate manure, and the slats are too narrow to cause the sheep to step on the empty. Break the leg of lamb. The sun-facing side of the slats slopes into the playground. The width of the slope should be 1.0-1.2m, and the slope should be less than 45 degrees. The slope of the manure accumulation slope should be 30~45 degrees, which is conducive to the daily discharge and washing of manure.

Generally, each ram occupies an area of not less than 1.5-2.0 square meters, young sheep 0.5-0.8 square meters, and pregnant or nursing ewes 2 square meters. More than 30 animals are appropriate. The size of the sports field depends on the number and type of sheep. The edge of the sports field is a fence with a height of about 1.5m. The slatted sun side arranges hay racks, sinks and walkways. The width of the sidewalk is about 0.8m, and there is a wooden fence between the pillars in the sheep house, especially to prevent lambs from fleeing or fleeing into the septic tank. Forage racks are attached to the wooden fence on the back and sunny side of the slatted board. The height of the forage racks depends on the individual size of the flock. The water troughs are placed on both sides of the forage racks.

Sheep&Cattle Farming | GREAT FARM

Construction drawings of suspended two-story sheep farm

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