Bovine body tissue (fat and muscle) deposition law

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Bovine body tissue mainly includes fat and muscle, which are the most important production indicators of beef cattle. Understanding the deposition law of beef body tissue can master the correct feeding method and improve the economic benefits of beef cattle. The following is a detailed introduction to the law of fat and muscle deposition.

Bovine body tissue

1. Fat

The order of fat deposition intensity is kidney fat, pelvic fat and intermuscular fat, and finally subcutaneous fat. The proportion of fat from various parts of beef cattle to the carcass. Kidney fat, pelvic fat and intermuscular fat have a high proportion in the young period, and the proportion of subcutaneous fat is very low. However, as the weight increases, the proportion of subcutaneous fat increases significantly , The ratio of fat between muscles is significantly reduced.

2. Muscle

In the beginning, the muscles of the limbs, especially the hind limbs, were more developed. Later, with the increase of age, the proportion of the limbs in the whole body muscles decreased, while the proportion of the neck, back, waist, and shoulder muscles increased, and the bull neck and scapula muscles The proportion of the whole muscle is higher than that of cows.

3. The impact of feeding level on organization

When feeding at a high level, the proportion of fat is high and the proportion of muscle decreases; when feeding at a low level, the proportion of muscle is higher, and the proportion of bone is the highest when feeding at a low level. The ratio of lean meat to bone is an important indicator of lean meat growth, generally between 3 and 4.5. The ratio is higher at high levels, that is, the net meat rate is higher, and at low levels, the ratio is lower. When the feeding level is very low and the weight is reduced, under normal circumstances, the fat is reduced first, and then the muscles. When the weight is restored, the muscles recover the fastest.

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