Feeding techniques for preventing abortion of pregnant cattle in winter

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Pregnant cows raised on cattle farms in winter are prone to miscarriage due to many reasons. The weather in winter changes greatly, facing the threat of grass wither, frost, lack of green fodder and cold, especially for pregnant cows after spring. Due to the acceleration of fetal development in the later stage, such as improper feeding and management, feeding cannot keep up, it is easy to cause miscarriage and disease, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the management of pregnant cattle during pregnancy, pay attention to the prevention of abortion of pregnant cattle, and ensure that pregnant cattle can survive the winter safely.

Pregnant cows raised

Prevent frost from harming pregnant cattle

Cow grazing in autumn has the dual effect of saving feed and fattening cattle, but no grazing in the morning after frost occurs to prevent frost from causing harm to pregnant cattle. In the morning, cows are hungry, have empty stomachs, and are gluttonous. They often swell their stomachs and even die due to overeating. Pregnant cows are more prone to fetal movement, restlessness or miscarriage. Note for cattle grazing in the autumn: After the sun comes out in the morning, graze when there is no dew; do not feed frosted grass or frozen forage to pregnant cattle that are transferred to the shed.

Pay attention to keeping the pen warm

To raise pregnant cows in winter, keep warm in pens to reduce heat loss from the cow's body and ensure that pregnant cows can survive the winter safely. The most suitable house temperature for cattle is 8℃~15℃, which is very beneficial for preventing miscarriage and miscarriage of pregnant cattle. The effective method is: close the doors and windows of the cowshed, plug the loopholes, and prevent the intrusion of wind; the ground should be dry, not frozen, and prevent the cold and damp; the wall is not permeable, the shelter is not frozen, and the shed is not covered with frost, so that pregnant cows have a Good wintering environment.

Meet the nutritional needs of pregnant cattle

To ensure that pregnant cows survive the winter, it is necessary to grasp the condition of the late pregnant cows. In addition to maintaining the nutrition required by the pregnant cow's own life activities, but also to meet the nutritional requirements required for the rapid growth and development of the fetus, it is necessary to feed a variety of nutritious compound feeds . In order to ensure the nutritional balance and stability of pregnant cattle, the feed cannot be changed suddenly. The feeding method must be regular and quantitative, first coarse and then refined, to provide protection for improving cattle fat, preventing severe cold, and reducing body temperature loss, so as to ensure the calf born. Large, strong and resistant to disease.

Feed loose and tasty feed

As pregnant cows are approaching the late stage of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus expands, and the squeezing force on various organs increases, which affects the growth and development of the cow and fetus. This requires feeding some bran-based loose feed to pregnant cows, while reducing the amount of coarse feed to protect the normal growth and development of the fetus, reduce the pressure on the organs, ensure smooth blood circulation, and prevent miscarriage. For pregnant cows in labor, attention should be paid to feeding small, high-quality, easy-to-digest and delicious feed.

Give pregnant cows plenty of water

Water is the first need in all life activities. In winter, most cattle eat hay and dry materials. If there is insufficient drinking water, it will reduce saliva, weaken digestion, slow down the rumen peristalsis of the cattle, and even accumulate food, resulting in gastric obstruction. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of water for the cow, but drinking cold water for the cow will cause the cow's uterus to contract and may cause miscarriage. Therefore, warm water should be given to pregnant cattle in winter to reduce heat loss and avoid unnecessary losses.

The pregnant cow insists on proper exercise

Cattle after pregnancy consumes too much nutrition, it is easy to cause weakness and decline in resistance. Therefore, we must pay attention to the feeding and management of pregnant cows during pregnancy and adhere to regular and appropriate exercise. Because the road is slippery in winter, it is necessary to prevent rushing and running. In the later stages of pregnancy, do not climb mountains, steep slopes and dangerous roads, and ice slides to prevent slipping. Pregnant cattle should be kept separately from other livestock and managed separately to prevent biting, topping, and squeezing to ensure the safety of pregnant cattle and avoid miscarriage.

Prevent the occurrence of bovine fetal colic

In the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus is too large, excessively dilated, and the body is poor and sensitive, which can easily lead to fetal tummy pain, manifested as restlessness, mooing, tail-raising, vaginal bleeding, and cow turning around. Look at the abdomen, do urination position frequently, palpate the fetus and increase the activity. The effective method is to keep the pregnant cows adequately rest and quiet, and at the same time use drugs for symptomatic treatment. Analgin injection 30ml~40ml can be injected intramuscularly or intravenously, or 20g~40g potassium bromide can be taken orally. Use sedation to calm the fetus; you can also use 1 g to 2 g of progesterone intramuscular injection, once a day, for 3 days, you can get a good fetal effect.

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