Feeding management of dairy cows

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Feeding management of dairy cows

1. Carefully raise. The quality of feeding management has a great influence on the milk production of dairy cows. The lighting and ventilation conditions of the cowshed are better. Clean up daily. Tether it outdoors for more sunshine in winter and in the shade in summer. The supply of green fodder is sufficient, so it is better to not have enough food. Roughage is used as a mix and added in small amounts. Concentrated feed is calculated based on milk production. High-yield dairy cows are fed 1 kg of concentrate for every 3 kg of milk produced, and low-yield dairy cows are fed 1 kg of concentrate for every 4 kg of milk produced. Feed regularly, feed moldy feed is strictly prohibited, and do not drink cold or dirty water. Milk is gradually dried after 10 months of production. Because the fetal cow has grown to about 7 months at this time, the physical energy of the cow is very large, and the dry milk is conducive to the recuperation and adjustment of the cow to prepare for the next lactation period. There are two ways to dry milk. One is the gradual dry milk method, that is, reducing the number of milking from 3 times a day to 1 time, restrict drinking water, and strengthen exercise. Stop milking when the milk production drops to 4 kg, and the cows will gradually dry the milk within 2 weeks; the second is the rapid dry milk method, reduce the concentrate, control the green material and drinking water, strengthen exercise, and squeeze 1 milk on the same day and then milk the next day. Second, make the cow dry milk within 1 week.

2. Breeding management. ① Check the various sheds of the dairy farm early. Before the advent of strong convective weather, carry out safety inspections of the exhibition and breeding sheds. The person in charge of the cattle farm should organize personnel to conduct detailed inspections of the cattle shed, delivery room, grass storage, storage warehouse, milking table, cattle farm fence, office and staff dormitory , If problems are discovered, they must be reinforced in time to prevent problems before they occur. People and cows living in dangerous sheds must be moved in time to prevent casualties. ②Conscientiously do a good job in the prevention and control of animal diseases. After severe convective weather becomes a disaster, it is often a period when livestock and poultry diseases are frequent. It is necessary to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of animal diseases, do a good job in immunization and disinfection and harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry, strengthen epidemic monitoring, strengthen emergency preparedness, and timely handle sudden epidemics. ③Reasonably adjust the diet to increase the concentration of dietary nutrients. Appropriately increase some high-quality concentrates and good palatability, easy-to-digest feeds, and increase the ratio of protein, vitamins, minerals and other feeds in the diet according to the feed intake to increase the nutritional concentration of the diet. Feeding rations should be small, high-quality, easy to digest, and appropriate high-energy and high-protein feeds should be added. ④ Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of pens. In the rainy season, clean the pens in time to ensure that the pens do not accumulate too much feces and urine. Keep the pens relatively clean and dry to avoid wet and urine pens contaminate the breasts and induce mastitis. In addition, due to the heavy rain, the cows cannot go out to the sports field, so it is necessary to increase the disinfection of the pens to create a good living environment for the cows.

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