Special care for dairy goats

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In addition to maintaining normal growth and development, the nutrients absorbed by dairy goats in winter also need to consume a large amount of energy to resist the cold, and pregnant ewes also need to provide nutrients for fetal growth. Therefore, care must be taken in the management and protection of milk goats in winter, especially for pregnant ewes and immature and pregnant young ewes, and more attention to forage, careful feeding and management.

dairy goats

Forage in winter should be mainly fed with hay, and a small amount of green fodder such as vegetable leaves and radishes should be added appropriately. A small amount of silage can also be fed with a small amount of corn, bran and cake fodder. Daily hay can be fed at 3% to 4% of the weight of the dairy goats, and each goat can be fed with about 0.125 kg of concentrated feed per day.

For ewes in the early stages of pregnancy, feed 0.25-0.5 kg of corn, bran and cake mixed feed per day. Add about 0.25 kg of concentrate to 20 days before delivery, which can promote breast expansion. At the same time, let the sheep drink warm water, especially pregnant ewes. Never let them drink ice water to avoid miscarriage.

Fences should be repaired in cold weather to prevent cold and dampness, wind and heat preservation, so as to maintain a sanitary and suitable temperature in the fence. If there is no strong wind and snow and the temperature is high, the ewe should exercise properly and increase the light to enhance cold tolerance and disease resistance.

In the process of sheep movement, do not let the sheep go too fast, do not beat the cold whip, and prevent the ewe from crowding in and out of the pen. Milking should be stopped in the second trimester of pregnancy to ensure that the ewe is healthy and the fetus is well developed.

To do a good job of preventing cold and freezing, the main thing is to lay bedding or dry soil in the pen, so that after the ewe is lying on the ground, it is not easy to freeze the udder and not easy to get sick.

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