How to meet goat's demand for salt

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One is to mix the salt into the concentrate and feed it daily. This method is often used for breeding sheep or sheep with higher economic value. Breeding rams are fed 8-10 grams per day, and adult ewes are fed 3-5 grams a day.

Brick lick

The second is free licking. Put the salt into water in the trough for the sheep to drink; or put the salt in the bamboo tube and add a small amount of water to make the salt water permeate the bamboo tube and form a salt frost, allowing the sheep to lick freely; or put the salt block in the trough Inside, let the sheep lick freely.

The third is to press urea, green hay powder, salt, minerals and trace elements into licking bricks for the sheep to lick, which plays a role in a variety of nutritional supplements.

Of course, you can also choose our "Composite mineral reinforced licking brick", Compressed by advanced technology, the surface is smooth and resistant to licking, the texture is hard, can prevent rain and erosion.

The main role of mineral trace elements:

Salt: involved in the formation and secretion of gastric acid

Calcium and phosphorus Ca / P: promote the growth and development of cattle

Sodium Na: maintains metabolism and acid-base balance

Iron Fe: hemoglobin and myoglobin and enzymes

Magnesium Mg: helps digestion and maintains milk fat rate

Copper Cu: participates in the formation of red albumin with iron

Zinc: important role in growth and development and immunity

Manganese Mn: cholesterol and sex hormones, enzyme activation

Benefits of Licking Bricks:

1. Maintain the electrolyte balance of the cattle and sheep body, scientifically match the mineral and trace elements and salt content, richer nutrition, promote fat growth and enhance resistance.

2. Promote the growth of cattle and sheep, and effectively improve feed utilization.

3. Effectively prevent diseases caused by lack of minerals and trace elements.

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