• Best breeding season for sheep

    Autumn is the best season for breeding sheep. At this time, the ewes are generally in strong heat and the rams have strong libido. In addition, the autumn weather is cool, the climate is suitable, the forage resources are abundant, and the sheep’s condition is good. The physique is better than lambs produced in other seasons. The lambs born that year were fattened and sold just in time for the Spring Festival. The sales timing is good and the economic benefits are high. How can we do a good job in autumn management and breeding of sheep? The key to grasp the following five points:

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  • Principles of site selection for large-scale cattle farms

    In recent years, due to the high price of beef and the huge potential for breeding benefits, beef cattle breeding has developed rapidly, and large-scale cattle farms have sprung up. However, many catt

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  • How to build a cowshed in a cost-effective way

    Before the construction of the cowshed, the ground treatment is to lay a layer of fine sand below, and then use red bricks on the top. After the cow trough and railings are built, the construction of

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  • Cattle manure treatment

    One problem that most cattle farms face is the handling of cow manure. There is so much cow dung produced every year, and random discharge will pollute the environment and be easily picketed. The accu

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  • Feeding methods for cattle fattening

    Cattle breeding is a relatively developed breeding project in my country. With the development of science and technology, the phenomenon of using cattle to cultivate fields is less and less. Therefore

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  • Two-story sheep house construction requirements and design drawings

    If you are in a high temperature, rainy and humid environment, the two-story sheep house can effectively alleviate these problems. It is recommended that your sheep house be built in a dry, well-drain

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  • Standardized sheep house construction design drawing and silage design drawing

    Aerial view of standardized sheep houseStandardized sheep house front viewStandardized sheep barn side viewStandardized sheep house silage floor planSectional drawing of silage cellar in standardized

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  • How to deal with dampness in sheep shed?

    Wetness in mutton sheep breeding pens is a very common basic problem, mostly caused by weather, environment, terrain, structure of breeding pens and other reasons, so how to properly deal with these problems?

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