• Best breeding season for sheep

    Autumn is the best season for breeding sheep. At this time, the ewes are generally in strong heat and the rams have strong libido. In addition, the autumn weather is cool, the climate is suitable, the forage resources are abundant, and the sheep’s condition is good. The physique is better than lambs produced in other seasons. The lambs born that year were fattened and sold just in time for the Spring Festival. The sales timing is good and the economic benefits are high. How can we do a good job in autumn management and breeding of sheep? The key to grasp the following five points:

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  • Two-story sheep house construction requirements and design drawings

    If you are in a high temperature, rainy and humid environment, the two-story sheep house can effectively alleviate these problems. It is recommended that your sheep house be built in a dry, well-drain

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  • What trace elements are easy to lack in raising sheep

    Selenium selenium is distributed in the cells of the animal's body. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase, which can prevent the accumulation of lipid peroxides in the body and protect the c

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  • High-efficiency goat breeding management method

    1. Build a houseSheep sheds should be selected in the center with high dry terrain and sunny leeward, with a feeding area of 10-20m2 in front of the sheds, with fixed feeding troughs and drinking uten

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  • How to lure early lambs

    7-10 days after birth, lambs will imitate the behavior of the ewe and eat a certain amount of fodder when they follow the ewe to graze or feed. At this time, the soybeans can be fried, crushed and spr

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  • How to fatten goats quickly?

    The fattening of goats is to obtain high-quality and high-volume mutton at low cost in a short period of time. The fattening methods in my country can be divided into grazing fattening, house feeding

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  • Goat scientific feeding method

    1. Scientific ingredientsTwo more practical feed formulas are introduced as follows: (1) Corn flour 45%, rice bran 20%, bean cake 10%, cottonseed cake 15%, wheat flour 12%, bean cake 30%, salt 1%, fis

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  • Pay attention to these points when sheep drinking water in spring

    The temperature is still low in spring, and you should still pay attention to drinking water for the sheep. Otherwise, the sheep's drinking water will be insufficient, which will not only slow down the digestion process of the sheep's feed, hinder the metabolism of the body, and decrease the body condition, but also cause various diseases.

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