• Standardized sheep house construction design drawing and silage design drawing

    Aerial view of standardized sheep houseStandardized sheep house front viewStandardized sheep barn side viewStandardized sheep house silage floor planSectional drawing of silage cellar in standardized

    2022/01/17 dy 140

  • Sheep house construction of goat farm design

    Goat farm design should fall in the high and dry, good drainage, sunny place. Sheep pen on the ground more than 20 centimeters of above ground. Building materials should be on the job. The total demand is strong, warm and well ventilated.

    2021/06/03 dy 302

  • How to store grass in winter sheep

    In order to keep the sheep from losing fat in winter, it is necessary to prepare enough forage for overwintering. This is the basis to ensure that the flock can survive the winter. How to store grass

    2020/12/22 dy 144

  • Main points of lamb fattening technology

    Lambs are provided with high-quality forage feed starting from the age of 2 months, and through strengthened feeding management, by the age of 4 to 6 months, the weight can reach more than half of the

    2020/12/18 dy 163

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