• What technical equipment does the dairy farm need to prepare?

    Cowshed facilities and equipment Generally, the main facilities in the cattle house include: cow bed and tethering equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment, and other related facilities such as the playground outside the house.

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  • Sheep house construction of goat farm design

    Goat farm design should fall in the high and dry, good drainage, sunny place. Sheep pen on the ground more than 20 centimeters of above ground. Building materials should be on the job. The total demand is strong, warm and well ventilated.

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  • Sheep vaccination method

    1. Intramuscular injection: It is suitable for vaccination of attenuated vaccine or inactivated vaccine. The injection site is on the buttocks or both sides of the neck. Generally, 16-20 gauge needles

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  • What trace elements are easy to lack in raising sheep

    Selenium selenium is distributed in the cells of the animal's body. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase, which can prevent the accumulation of lipid peroxides in the body and protect the c

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  • High-efficiency goat breeding management method

    1. Build a houseSheep sheds should be selected in the center with high dry terrain and sunny leeward, with a feeding area of 10-20m2 in front of the sheds, with fixed feeding troughs and drinking uten

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  • What should I pay attention to when raising sheep after the summer? Master 4 points

    After the summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and proper adjustments should be made to raising sheep, such as breeding and management. The key point is to prevent heat stress and mos

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  • What causes cow lameness? How to prevent it?

    In the process of dairy cow breeding, lameness will inevitably occur. This does not have a great impact on dairy cows, but it will affect the health of dairy cows and reduce production. In order to ensure the stable and good benefits of dairy farming and the healthy growth of dairy cows, farmers should pay attention to the causes of lameness in dairy cows and preventive strategies, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of lameness in cattle.

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  • How to lure early lambs

    7-10 days after birth, lambs will imitate the behavior of the ewe and eat a certain amount of fodder when they follow the ewe to graze or feed. At this time, the soybeans can be fried, crushed and spr

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