Feeding technology of goats over winter

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In winter, farmers mostly feed goats with coarse fodder based on withered forages and autumn stalks. The nutrition and palatability are not as good as summer and autumn forages. In addition, the temperature is low, the energy consumption of the sheep is faster, and the body condition gradually weakens. , The disease resistance is reduced, and it is susceptible to epidemic diseases, which can cause miscarriage of ewes or death of some sheep. In order to ensure the safety of the sheep through the winter, they must be raised scientifically and managed carefully. The author believes that the following aspects should be started:

feed goats

1. Cold and frost-proof. The first is to do a good job of inspections such as leakage of air and water in the sheep shed to prevent rain and rain and cold air from directly blowing into the sheep shed at night. The second is to do a good job of preventing cold, warmth and freezing of postpartum ewes and lambs. If possible, add litter to increase cold resistance and ensure that postpartum ewes and lambs can survive the winter safely.

2. Supplementary feeding with bad material. Because of the cold winter, the sheep consume a lot of energy. When feeding the sheep after the harvest, the sheep should be fed with appropriate amount of concentrate, such as corn, rice flour, and fine chaff.

Third, the ewes have a baby. In winter, most female goats are in pregnancy, so care should be taken to prevent pregnancy. In feeding, pay attention to the quality of the forages fed, and do not feed the forages that are moldy, deteriorated, or frost. In terms of grazing, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze, startle, jump ditch and other unfavorable actions to prevent miscarriage of pregnant ewes.

4. Warm water supply. Due to the cold weather, warm salt water is supplied to the sheep during grazing and harvesting in winter to allow the sheep to drink enough to prevent the sheep from drinking cold water and water with ice.

5. Timely immunization.

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