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dairy cows

1. Variety. There are many varieties of dairy cows. There will be a certain gap in the living habits, milk production and reproductive ability of different breeds of dairy cows. Actually raising dairy cows is definitely for making money, not for boring and playing, so we need to do it before breeding. Choose a good variety. At present, the best milk production on the market in our country is our common black and white dairy cows, but there are still many dairy cows in farms that are not purebred, so we had better go to that kind of large-scale farms to buy breeds. At the same time, if you are not worried, you can ask a professional to conduct an inspection to ensure that the cow you buy is a genuine black and white cow, so that milk production can be guaranteed.

2. Quality. After the breed of dairy cow is determined, the quality of the dairy cow needs to be checked. If you are not familiar with the characteristics of dairy cows, you can consult relevant experts or let them go together to purchase. Generally, you need to observe carefully. The size, limbs, forequarters, hindquarters, edges and corners, muscles, abdomen, chest, fur, neck, back and other places of the cow, followed by the color of the cow is also more important. The most important thing is to observe whether the breast of the cow meets the standard. If everything appears normal, then you can make a choice.

3. Age. When buying dairy cows, you also need to pay attention to the age of the cows. We usually don’t choose adult cows or cows that have produced milk for several years. Such cows do not produce high milk, and you don’t know how other people feed them. , I don’t have a comprehensive understanding of its physical fitness and other aspects, which increases the difficulty of breeding. Secondly, the milk production of such cows is also decreasing year by year, which makes no money at all, so we better choose Calves or dairy cows in the rearing period, these two age groups are the best.

4. Quarantine. Finally, when buying dairy cows, you need to pay attention to quarantine dairy cows. You can’t buy dairy cows in epidemic areas. Secondly, when buying dairy cows, you need to show the necessary quarantine certificates and other health inspection certificates. It can be purchased if it meets the standards. The small point I want to say here is that when buying dairy cows, we’d better buy them in a centralized manner. Do not buy in bulk. It is not easy to manage the dairy cows in a unified way, and at the same time, they cannot guarantee the milk cows to the greatest extent. quality.

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