• Main points of feeding and management techniques for stable production of dairy cows

    1. FeedThe feed mix should be diversified. There are three meals a day. The concentrate should be mainly cornmeal, bean cake, cottonseed cake, and bran, and sufficient drinking water should be provide

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  • The protein requirement of dairy cows during pregnancy

    The factorial method to estimate the nutritional needs of pregnancy requires understanding the rate of nutrient deposition in the gestational tissues (fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid and uterus) and t

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  • Experience in raising cattle: breeding and management of bulls

    1. The breeding of bullsThe calf enters the breeding period after weaning at the age of 6 months. The breeding period is from 6 to 30 months. This period is the stage of intensive growth and developme

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  • How to raise cows during lactation?

    The main problem to be solved during the breeding period of lactating cows is how to increase the milk production of the cows, so that sufficient milk can be provided to the calves, and the cows need to consume more nutrients during the lactation period than during pregnancy. There are many other growth periods. During this period, there are generally four stages. Each stage of feeding has certain differences. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. In addition, the medication during cattle breeding is also reasonable and principled. In terms of breeding management, special care is needed in the cold season to keep the cows healthy and cold.

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  • What management should be done for calves just born in winter?

    In winter, the climate is cold, and the calf just born is weak. We must pay attention to strengthen the feeding and management and do the relevant care to let the calf survive the winter healthily. So, what management should be done for calves born in winter? Let's take a look together below:

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  • Daily feeding and management techniques for breeding cows

    People raise beef breeding cows and expect high conception rate of cows, high lactation performance, strong ability to feed calves, and early return to estrus after calving: it is expected that the ca

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  • Technical points of breeding and fattening of hybrid cattle

    The development of beef cattle production has excellent comprehensive economic benefits and broad market prospects. For the majority of farmers, the development of beef cattle production is a good way

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  • Feeding techniques for preventing abortion of pregnant cattle in winter

    Pregnant cows raised on cattle farms in winter are prone to miscarriage due to many reasons. The weather in winter changes greatly, facing the threat of grass wither, frost, lack of green fodder and c

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