• How to build a cowshed in a cost-effective way

    Before the construction of the cowshed, the ground treatment is to lay a layer of fine sand below, and then use red bricks on the top. After the cow trough and railings are built, the construction of

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  • Cattle manure treatment

    One problem that most cattle farms face is the handling of cow manure. There is so much cow dung produced every year, and random discharge will pollute the environment and be easily picketed. The accu

    2022/02/11 dy 164

  • High-efficiency goat breeding management method

    1. Build a houseSheep sheds should be selected in the center with high dry terrain and sunny leeward, with a feeding area of 10-20m2 in front of the sheds, with fixed feeding troughs and drinking uten

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  • What causes cow lameness? How to prevent it?

    In the process of dairy cow breeding, lameness will inevitably occur. This does not have a great impact on dairy cows, but it will affect the health of dairy cows and reduce production. In order to ensure the stable and good benefits of dairy farming and the healthy growth of dairy cows, farmers should pay attention to the causes of lameness in dairy cows and preventive strategies, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of lameness in cattle.

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  • Four major reasons leading to low profitability of raising sheep

    There are many people who raise sheep, some earn it, some lose it, and some don't make it or lose it for raising sheep for a year. Regarding the lack of optimism about the benefits of raising sheep, in addition to the impact of market sheep prices, what other factors will lead to the low profitability of raising sheep? Here is an introduction for you:

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  • Main points of feeding and management techniques for stable production of dairy cows

    1. FeedThe feed mix should be diversified. There are three meals a day. The concentrate should be mainly cornmeal, bean cake, cottonseed cake, and bran, and sufficient drinking water should be provide

    2021/02/20 dy 62

  • Ewes need good care during pregnancy

    At the moment, entering a few cold days is not good for the growth and development of ewes and fetuses. Therefore, it is necessary for the old and weak ewes to take care of meticulous care, prevent di

    2021/02/20 dy 66

  • What should I pay attention to when feeding cattle?

    Cattle breeding is an important breeding industry in our country. With the continuous development of society, the degree of large-scale breeding is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by

    2021/01/13 dy 58

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