Add some copper to the sheep in cold weather

2020-12-10 17:54:38 dy

The growth of wool has a close relationship with copper. If you don't pay attention to it, it will directly affect the quality of wool. Lack of copper in the forage can cause anemia in sheep, reduce the curvature of wool, and reduce the content of cystine in wool keratin. Not only does the wool have poor luster, but it also causes the lack of black wool pigment. After the forage grass in winter is weathered, the copper loss in the forage grass is serious, and the sheep are more susceptible to copper deficiency.


In order to ensure the health of sheep and obtain high-quality wool, add 2 ml of 1/1000 copper sulfate solution to the sheep's diet for 5 days. Supplement feed every 20 days or so for 5 days, until the spring green feed is sufficient. This can not only improve the quality of wool, but also prevent copper deficiency anemia in sheep and ensure normal growth and production of sheep.

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