• How to use Okara to raise cattle?

    Many cattle-raising friends are not clear about some of the problems of raising cows with tofu residue, such as: Does the tofu residue need to be cooked to feed the cow? How to ferment tofu residue an

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  • How to raise cattle to make money?

    Beef is the meat we often eat in our lives. Its nutritional cream and low fat content are very popular among consumers. The market price of beef has always been stable without major fluctuations, so m

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  • How to increase the profit of cattle breeding?

    Novices who raise cattle should get rid of the following misunderstandings in order to increase the profits of cattle raising.Single male parent breed: To increase the profitability of raising cattle,

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  • What should novices pay attention to when raising cattle?

    When breeding, in order to prevent the invasion of pathogens, it is necessary to avoid reference by outsiders. There must be a disinfection tank in each breeding area, and the disinfectant must be replaced regularly. Staff should also pay attention to disinfection when entering the farm. In particular, some foreign personnel and vehicles are not allowed to enter and leave at will to prevent the carrying of germs. Must be thoroughly disinfected before entering to create a sterile breeding environment.

    2020/10/28 Dy 41

  • How to build a cattle farm?

    Cattle breeding is a project with a good prospect, but Yang Haoxiu is not as simple as imagined. When raising cattle, we must make full preparations and master the required techniques to better raise cattle. Now the beef market is relatively large, so many novice farmers have appeared. When a novice raises a cow, there are actually many things we need to pay attention to.

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  • Feeding methods for increasing fat in cattle

    Cattle breeding is a relatively developed breeding project in China. With the development of science and technology now, the phenomenon of using cattle for farming is becoming less and less. So now mo

    2020/10/08 Dy 86

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