• Keep these three points in mind when raising dairy cows!

    Dairy cows have a relatively important position in my country's cattle breeding industry. Now the milk on the market is processed, and now milk is favored by many people. Raising dairy cows is more profitable, but the following three aspects should be kept in mind when raising dairy cows to ensure better and rapid development of dairy farms.

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  • How to select high-yielding cows

    More and more cattle-raising friends adopt self-breeding and self-raising, breeding and breeding cows to produce and sell calves. Then they often encounter this question: How to choose cows? How to ch

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  • What technical equipment and facilities does the dairy farm need to prepare?

    1. Cowshed facilities and equipment Generally, the main facilities in the cattle house include: cow bed and tethering equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment,

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  • Design Requirements and Standards for Free Lying Cows

    Nowadays, large-scale dairy farms use free-standing stalls, intelligent management facilities, TMR, milking parlors and other techniques to raise cows. Therefore, it is common to install free-standing

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  • How to do a good job of epidemic prevention and sanitation in cattle farms

    To do a good job in epidemic prevention and sanitation in cattle farms, epidemic prevention, quarantine and other veterinary sanitation systems must be strictly implemented. Perform regular disinfecti

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  • The calculation method of cow's due date

    In order to arrange the production reasonably, properly raise and manage the pregnant cows at different stages, so as to make prenatal preparations, the expected date of delivery of the cows must be c

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  • What to do if the cow has no milk after giving birth?

    Insufficient qi and blood in postpartum cows, resulting in little or no milk, collectively referred to as lack of milk, also known as no milk or no milk. Cows lack milk after giving birth, leading to

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  • Farm planning technology for beef cattle breeding district

    Beef cattle breeding districts are usually set aside by local townships and villages. Individuals invest in building cattle farms, raising them in separate households, and collectively investing in th

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