• What is the transmission route of bovine papilloma disease? How to treat?

    Bovine papilloma disease is a neoplastic infectious disease caused by bovine papilloma virus, with papilloma formed on the skin and mucous membranes as the main symptoms. The main transmission routes of this disease are sick cattle and pollutants. In mild cases, it can resolve spontaneously. In severe cases, surgery can be performed.

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  • What are the symptoms of cattle constipation? How to treat?

    The obvious symptom of cattle constipation is the difficulty of suffering from steak stool, which usually occurs in adult cattle, especially older cattle. Cow constipation mostly occurs in autumn. Whe

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  • The adverse effects of overweight and lean cows on reproduction

    The nutritional control of cows is very helpful for reproduction, and both excessive and poor conditions will adversely affect reproduction.In the case of over-nutrition, breeding cows are prone to ob

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  • Keep these three points in mind when raising dairy cows!

    Dairy cows have a relatively important position in my country's cattle breeding industry. Now the milk on the market is processed, and now milk is favored by many people. Raising dairy cows is more profitable, but the following three aspects should be kept in mind when raising dairy cows to ensure better and rapid development of dairy farms.

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  • How to select high-yielding cows

    More and more cattle-raising friends adopt self-breeding and self-raising, breeding and breeding cows to produce and sell calves. Then they often encounter this question: How to choose cows? How to ch

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  • What technical equipment and facilities does the dairy farm need to prepare?

    1. Cowshed facilities and equipment Generally, the main facilities in the cattle house include: cow bed and tethering equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment,

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  • Design Requirements and Standards for Free Lying Cows

    Nowadays, large-scale dairy farms use free-standing stalls, intelligent management facilities, TMR, milking parlors and other techniques to raise cows. Therefore, it is common to install free-standing

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  • How to do a good job of epidemic prevention and sanitation in cattle farms

    To do a good job in epidemic prevention and sanitation in cattle farms, epidemic prevention, quarantine and other veterinary sanitation systems must be strictly implemented. Perform regular disinfecti

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