• 4 signs of childbirth for pregnant cows

    Under normal circumstances, a cow will give birth after a gestation period of about 280 days. A series of changes will occur in the reproductive organs and pelvic parts of cows during the pre-parturit

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  • Comprehensive nursing techniques for cows after delivery

    Cows lose more water after delivery, so they should be fed with warm and sufficient bran, salt, and calcium gruel about 15 kilograms (1-2 kilograms of bran, 100-150 grams of salt, Calcium carbonate 50

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  • Why doesn't the cow eat long?

    1. Variety issues. There are many reasons why cows can’t eat long. For example, the problem of cow breeds. Sometimes the breed you choose is not very long. So no matter how you feed it, its growth rat

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  • What should novices pay attention to when raising cattle?

    When breeding, in order to prevent the invasion of pathogens, it is necessary to avoid reference by outsiders. There must be a disinfection tank in each breeding area, and the disinfectant must be replaced regularly. Staff should also pay attention to disinfection when entering the farm. In particular, some foreign personnel and vehicles are not allowed to enter and leave at will to prevent the carrying of germs. Must be thoroughly disinfected before entering to create a sterile breeding environment.

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  • How to build a cattle farm?

    Cattle breeding is a project with a good prospect, but Yang Haoxiu is not as simple as imagined. When raising cattle, we must make full preparations and master the required techniques to better raise cattle. Now the beef market is relatively large, so many novice farmers have appeared. When a novice raises a cow, there are actually many things we need to pay attention to.

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  • These grassy cattle and sheep cannot be eaten

    Sorghum and corn seedlings after harvestThe sorghum and corn seedlings harvested in autumn contain a lot of hydrocyanic acid. Hydrocyanic acid is a highly toxic substance, and cattle and sheep are pro

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