• Newborn calves are fed with colostrum as soon as possible

    Newborn calves must establish passive immunity by absorbing immunoglobulin (Ig) in colostrum. The time a calf is fed with colostrum after birth determines whether it can acquire sufficient passive imm

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  • Feeding and management techniques for calves after weaning

    There are two feeding methods for normal weaned calves: one is weaned at 110 days, weighing 170 kg at 6 months, and the average daily gain is 700-730 g; the other is weaning at 60 days, weighing 160-1

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  • Methods and techniques for calves to wear their nose

    The calf needs to be pierced when it is about one year old. Here are the methods and techniques for calves to wear their noses:First. Choice of piercing partFor cattle’s nasal penetration, the thinnes

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  • Scientific milking

    ① Milking correctly. The correct milking method is an effective means to obtain high milk yield. Improper milking methods will not only reduce milk production, but also damage the breasts. Causes brea

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  • Feeding management of dairy cows

    1. Carefully raise. The quality of feeding management has a great influence on the milk production of dairy cows. The lighting and ventilation conditions of the cowshed are better. Clean up daily. Tet

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  • Buying cow tips

    1. Variety. There are many varieties of dairy cows. There will be a certain gap in the living habits, milk production and reproductive ability of different breeds of dairy cows. Actually raising dairy

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  • How to judge the age of a cow by its teeth?

    Cattle raisers buy cows for a lot of time, so in the process of buying cows, the identification of the age of the cow is an essential and important link. Then how to judge the age of the cow according

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  • How to deal with cow dung in cattle farms

    Cattle-raising friends often complained, "The environmental protection department has given me a word. If the cow dung is not handled properly, the cow farm will not be able to go on." Indee

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